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I remember watching a Kyle Cease video some time ago, one in which he shared an idea that made me smile from the inside.

He wanted us to imagine a little audience of angels (I think it was angels) watching us as we go about our day.

Imagine angels, or ancestors, loved ones (pets, too) that have died, energies, fairies, beings from another planet....whatever resonates with you.

When you do something positive, whether seemingly big or seemingly small:

  • stopping to let someone cross the street

  • giving the awkward "thank you" wave and smile as you half walk/half jog when you are the one crossing

  • picking up garbage that isn't yours

  • sharing a funny story to uplift someone's spirit

  • sitting with someone who needs company

  • making your child's favourite meal even after a busy day

  • reading "just one more" story

  • bringing over that Starbucks Chai Latte just because

  • sending a letter in the mail

  • smiling kindly at a stranger

  • putting back the grocery cart

  • filling up your bird feeder

  • saying goodbye to your pets

  • saying "bless you" when they sneeze

  • being amazed at the sunset

  • smiling at the first snowfall

All the every day wonders that you do without realizing how wonderful they are - imagine a team of onlookers cheering you on! Imagine these observers smiling and clapping and feeling so proud of you every time you do something, unique to you, that brightens up this world. Your own little team of supporters! Just for you!

What if we all have our own team and maybe they chat amongst themselves, sharing stories of awesomeness about us!

They send supportive, joyful energy our way and we totally feel it.

Then, when something shitty happens to us, they feel it with us.

They show compassion and caring for us. They send love and hugs and hope.

They sit with us in the darkness. They bear witness to our sorrow.

They let us know we will get through it in our own way and in our own time.

They give us the space we need to help us reach in deep to our wise, resilient core.

Then, if we fuck up they support us and say things like:

"Oh dear, let's hope she/he learns from this".

And send messages to us: "We love you no matter what" or

"You didn't know any better and now you do" or

"You are meant to make mistakes in order to learn how to do better next time" or

"Life is challenging and we understand why you are angry/bitter/scared".


Just take a few moments and imagine this team of yours!

I love it, don't you?!


How about you be that observer?

How about you be the audience watching you do all the wonderful things, feeling the pain, being an angry asshole and then offering all the stuff:

Cheering and applauding, compassion and space, understanding and love?

Can you imagine that?

Feeling proud about all the lovely little things you do.

Sitting with your pain and allowing yourself time and space. Sending yourself love.

Understanding your fuck ups and not beating yourself up. Instead, supporting your growth and learning.


How about being the observer of others and cheering them on, feeling compassion and understanding for them!

Cool to know that you have the capacity to do this. We all do.

Oddly enough, it may be easier to do it for others than for yourself first.

So maybe it goes like this:

Step one: Imagine your own team.

Step Two: Imagine you are on the team for those around you (but they don't know that, you are behind the scenes looking on!)

Step Three: Imagine observing you for you.

This one you are very aware of.

You start to feel self love, self understanding, self acceptance, and self compassion.

Try Step One on for a week or so. Just imagine you are being watched.

Not in a creepy way, hahaha!

In a love filled, "We see you, wonderful human!" kind of way.

Once you've nailed that, (and you'll know you have when you smile just thinking about it!) go on to Step Two or Three, whichever feels the most comfortable.

In an ironic twist, the more you step back and observe your life, the more invested and in love with it you become.

It feels good to receive love and compassion. It feels good to give it, too.

Twice the awesomeness. Yes please :)

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