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Can You Be Spiritually Awakened and Still Binge-Watch Netflix?!

Firstly, a definition of 'Spiritually Awake':

To be "awake" means to be aware of your surroundings.

You are not asleep, so therefore you are aware of what is happening around you in the present moment.

Your senses are awake. You see, touch, smell, hear, possibly taste things that are in your space.

You are awake to your thoughts and feelings about the world that you exist in, too.

To be "Spiritually Awake" means that you see beyond the obvious things around you.

You are aware of your surroundings PLUS the energetic connection of it all and everything.

You are awake to the recognition of the bigger meaning behind all these things that we see and experience in our physical world.

(Holy shit, it is so hard to put this in words!)

You are awake to the knowledge that all those physical things are there, yes - but so is something else.

You are awake to the awareness of the space that exists 'between' or 'in relationship with' all those things....thoughts and feelings included.

You are awake to see that you are the space that is awake to it all!

So, you are not the thoughts and feelings themselves, just as you are not the chair or table in front of you - you are the witness to it all.

You are the space that is awake, the witness to not just the physical world around you, but also to your inner thoughts, feelings and interpretations of that world.

You then become aware that all that 'stuff', inside and out, is for you to use to make you more of what you are here to be:

A loving, understanding, compassionate, creative, joyful part of the Universe puzzle.

You are awake to the knowledge that you are the observer of it all, and all of it is here for you to grow and learn from.

Every relationship that you have with people, animals, places, objects.....these are all in your life for you to become more and more spiritually awakened as you begin to see it all as a wonderful learning space!

You even have relationships with your thoughts and feelings.

You begin to ask yourself things like:

"Wow, why does this make me feel this way?"

"Holy shit, what's with my anger at this situation right now?" "How do I REALLY feel about this?"

"Does this really feel right or am I doing this for someone else?"

"Does this thing/person/place make me feel expansive or closed in?"

"Do I really want to keep thinking this way? Feeling this way? What thought or action could make me feel a bit better right now?"

"Is this really the person that I want to be in this relationship?" "What kind of energy do I want to bring to the room?"

Spiritually awake is you being aware of the important role you play in a much bigger picture than that of the physically awake version of you.

There's kind of two versions of you: the physical form of you and the spiritual or energetic form of you.

(Wow - I am sounding so woo-hoo here...but words escape me when it comes to this topic!

I hope you are scooping what I am pooping right now!)

This life experience gives us the opportunity to let the physically awake you and the spiritually awake you live together and share a mutually respectful, loving relationship!

The spiritually awake you (let's call this Soul-you) and the physically awake you (let's call this Human-you) realize that - in order to have a harmonious, enjoyable time here on earth - they need to learn from each other.

They need to exist together with shared respect and understanding.

Sometimes, Human-you may need to do less "soulful", "enlightened" shit!

Like binge-watching Netflix, or finishing an entire bag of Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles.

Or saying "Fuck it" to that meditation or yoga class today.

Then, Soul-you can shine brightly by not judging Human-you.

Soul-you can be more "soulful" and "enlightened".

Soul-you is there to let Human-you know that it's okay.

What you do with your time has very little to do with how 'awake' you are.

How you feel about what you are doing is what makes the difference.

If you beat yourself up for not going to that yoga class or "wasting" time watching too much tv, or finishing that entire bag of chips....if you feel disappointed in yourself, or angry with yourself....this is not super spiritually awake stuff.

However, if you can do these things and the show some understanding and compassion for yourself....then HEY! You are flying your Spiritually Awake flag with enthusiasm!

You are giving yourself the opportunity to show and feel your compassion, love, understanding.

And you are being "AWAKE" enough to see that there is more to it than the action itself.

Finishing that bag of chips is an opportunity to learn and grow.

It isn't just eating the chips.

Instead of the usual negative self talk: "What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you no self-control?" you find yourself investigating why you did what you did, and what you can learn from the experience.

This turns a "negative" into a "positive" and progressive situation.

Essentially, Soul-you is saying to Human-you: "Hey, it's okay! Let's try and figure out why you're doing what you're doing, since you don't seem particularly thrilled with it. The answers will come soon enough. You're okay! Moving forward, if we find ourselves wanting to do this again, let's check in and see if we truly want to repeat it. Maybe we won't want to. Let's remember that we can choose differently next time if we want to."

Then, Human-you will hopefully say: "You bet."

It is up to you to trust that Human-you is up for the challenge to learn and grow.

Trust that your true life desire is to do that: learn and grow.

Believe in your ability to change the parts of you that no longer serve you and to work on the parts of you that help you expand.

As you become more Spiritually Awake, you begin to see that nothing is "wrong" with you. There is no "right" or "wrong", there is only "expansion/growth" and "contraction/stagnation".

And you also see (and respect) that sometimes.....sometimes we humans just want to stay put and do nothing.

As mentioned before, this needs to be a harmonious, respectful relationship.

Human-you needs to be heard, too!

Expansion and growth is fucking exhausting!

It's an ongoing, lifetime process and experience. It never stops.


Soul-you will help you understand that these moments in life where you think you aren't doing the "right" "enlightened" "spiritually awake" thing are just fine.


Soul-you will teach Human-you that everything you think, do, feel, touch, see, hear, is all as it should be, it is all here for you to utilize in your life's journey.

The meaning of life isn't to try and overcome, trod upon, or fight against Human-you and all the so-called "flaws" or "weaknesses" or "broken parts".

The meaning is found in the embracing of all of that shit and recognizing that it's here for you to learn from and use to expand into the loving, compassionate space that you are.

Your moments of so-called "weakness" or "laziness" are here to help you become more of what you truly want to become....use them wisely and then they are not wasted. Trust YOU. You're fine when you see all the parts of you and the reasons for them all. :)

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