Can You Be Spiritually Awakened and Still Binge-Watch Netflix?!

Firstly, a definition of 'Spiritually Awake':

To be "awake" means to be aware of your surroundings.

You are not asleep, so therefore you are aware of what is happening around you in the present moment.

Your senses are awake. You see, touch, smell, hear, possibly taste things that are in your space.

You are awake to your thoughts and feelings about the world that you exist in, too.

To be "Spiritually Awake" means that you see beyond the obvious things around you.

You are aware of your surroundings PLUS the energetic connection of it all and everything.

You are awake to the recognition of the bigger meaning behind all these things that we see and experience in our physical world.

(Holy shit, it is so hard to put this in words!)

You are awake to the knowledge that all those physical things are there, yes - but so is something else.