I AM ENOUGH...erm...not quite believing that!

The "I AM ENOUGH" flag is flown in pretty much every self-help sky out there.

But when you say it, do you really believe it? I mean deep in your core believe it?

Or is it more like: "I AM ENOUGH. Hmmmm....I wish I believed that. And it sounds like I'm supposed to believe that. Shit! What is wrong with me that I can't believe that?!"

And then you feel even less than ENOUGH!

This well intentioned mantra backfires in a big way.

Here is the thing:

We don't feel like we are enough because we are programmed to view our "enough-ness" based on the external world around us:

How many friends we have.

How fit we are.

How relaxed we are.

How hardworking we are.

How much money we bring in.

How 'woke' we are.

What we have accumulated: educational and professional accolades, houses/vacation properties, cars, luxury items and 'toys', travels, etc...

What our next step is going to be (heaven forbid we be simply content with what is!).