I HATE EXERCISING! (Are you sure about that?)

Gym class sucked for most of us women.

One word: DODGEBALL.

I can still hear the sound of that ball, and can still feel the sting of getting hit, both physically and emotionally!

And how about: PARTICIPACTION?

Please! I barely earned the stupid pin!

Total nightmare for anyone but the "jocks" in school.

All of it pretty much sucked. Competitive, intimidating, humiliating. Not fun.

(Oh wow, I just remembered that rope we had to try and climb.

What were they thinking?!)

I forged my Mum's signature on many notes to get me the hell out of that class. Ugh.

I often hear from clients that they want to workout but they hate exercise, and it is usually followed by: "I have since gym class".

But let's think about that for just a second or two.

They are saying that they haven't changed their thoughts, feelings or beliefs surrounding exercise since they were around 12 (when most things to do with physical fitness became mortifying).

They are closing the door on any possibility of liking (forget loving) fitness based on their experience years ago.

Not changing the narrative at all on that topic.

Assuming something about themselves based on the past.

Accepting something about themselves based on the past.