Updated: Nov 6, 2020

One of the biggest challenges to this whole mindfulness thing seems to be "the quieting of the mind".

The idea of "turning off" your brain is a big block for people who want to explore mindfulness/meditation because they can't imagine ever being able to.

And they're right! One will never stop thinking thoughts.

But, you can get to a place where it seems that way. It is because you make room for them.

You don't feel so clogged up by the thoughts in your head, there is space for the quiet moments in between them. Like the pauses in a piece of music. Less cluttered.

It is like you step back from your thoughts and simply "see" them. You watch them come in and you watch them float away, so to speak.

Then you are able to see the space between them, too.

So it is more of allowing the space, the pause, than it is trying to stop the thoughts.

They slow down and then become far less important. Then it feels like they are quieting down. Because they are.

They simmer down to a dull hum rather than an erratic set of bells and alarms.

You then see that you are not actually your thoughts, that they simple exist in the moment just like your heart beat, your breathing or the air in the room.

Once that happens: the realization that you are not your thoughts, ever....mind blown! Life changing.

Once you realize that thoughts are simply thoughts:

  • That they come and go

  • That they aren't as big of a deal as we make them out to be

  • That we have the power over them not the other way around, we can change them

Holy shit....freedom!

So how to get there: