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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

As you know, there are natural cycles that occur on this beautiful planet!

The tide coming in and out, the seasons, the sun rising and setting, and the moon cycle. There is no question that we, as natural beings, are affected by the push, the pull, and the circular motion of it all.

We are particularly connected to the Moon and that is just so cool :)

Ask any hospital staff about the effects of a full moon on us humans and you'll hear some great stories!

(And women: just ask your ovaries, hahaahahaha!)

The drag is that modern day living doesn't take this into consideration.

We simply don't think about it.

We keep on plugging along and ignore this connection....our biological connection, as if each day is exactly the same.

And when/if we do acknowledge it, it's difficult to purposefully schedule certain things accordingly because the rest of society doesn't join in!

However, it is good to be aware of this amazing connection, so that we can have a greater understanding of why we may feel a certain way on certain days, and to cut ourselves some slack if we aren't exactly doing our best.

We can also use the more energized times to our advantage.

We can plan more creative, intense projects accordingly.

We can be more compassionate towards ourselves and others when we aren't feeling particularly productive or energetic.

Below is some basic information to get you started, and there is tons of information out there in Google land if you are interested!

Look up the dates for the New and Full Moons and mark them down.

I have added affirmations for you that I feel line up.

New Moon

This is the best time for coming up with new ideas, to think about what you would like to create, and how you would like to create it!

It is a time to prepare for and feel the freshness of a new project, and get more interested and excited about it.

You haven't collected all the information yet, and you aren't "getting to work" in a New Moon.

You are cultivating, imagining...kind of like a mental vision board!

In fact, it is a great time to start one of those.

It is a great time to clear your work space and start your list of things to do.

It's also time for physical will have the energy and drive!

Your affirmation: "I am loving how alive I feel!"

After the New Moon is when you begin collecting information and things start to take shape. (Crescent and First Quarter Moon Cycle).

There is a natural building of energy and momentum as the Full Moon approaches.

This is a great time to keep moving: Dancing, aerobic activity...your body needs that at this time!

Creativity is key here in mind and in movement.

In fact, 3 days before the Full Moon is when it feels like things have reached maximum energy (Gibbous Moon Cycle).

This is when you will feel the most productive and intentional.

It is also a time where self criticism can heighten, so be aware of that struggle and remind yourself of how capable you are.

Your affirmation: "I fully trust myself and am open to possibility and growth!"

Full Moon

This is when we are super charged! There is a great energy and things are flowing naturally. This is a great time to plan for any presentations you may have to give.

This isn't a time to start something new, this is a time to present what you have worked on. You can celebrate your wins here! Side note: emotions are high at this time, so it is important to keep yourself as grounded as possible.

Your affirmation: "I am strong and stable".

After the Full Moon is the time to share information, ask for is the time for open communication (Dissemination Moon Cycle).

Then with the Last Quarter and Balsamic Moon Cycle comes the time to rest and relax (as much as possible!)

This is the perfect time to retreat, we naturally feel like "hibernating".

It is the time for reflection and rejuvenation.

This is a time for self-contemplation and asking yourself "What can I let go of? What don't I want to bring into the next Moon Cycle?"

It's also a great time for a massage, meditation, yoga, chiropractic or osteopathic treatments.

Do the things that help you release tension.

Try your best not to "white knuckle" your way through this time with tough workouts or extra workload/responsibilities.

Your affirmation: "I give myself permission to rest, and I am willing to let go".

The period of time between a New Moon becomes a Full Moon is called 'Waxing'.

The period of time between the Full Moon to the New Moon is called 'Waning'.

The Waxing period is when you will feel more hungry and may have more cravings.

It is super important to eat a lot of nutrient dense food at this time.

It is a time to expend energy and you'll have a strong appetite - go with it, try not to stress about it!

You are more energetic at this time and your body is more metabolically active, so take advantage of it by moving more during this period! The Waning period is when we feel more tired and less hungry - our energy is waning.

It is a time for slowing down and work on our sense of feeling 'complete' and 'full' simply by reflecting upon all the amazing things we do in a day! It is the time for our body to naturally detoxify and repair. You may find yourself wanting foods that are simple to digest like juices, smoothies, soups. Go with it!

We are at our most sensitive during this time: Intuition is high, emotions are high. Knowing this, it is the time to find what will bring you more inner calm. Journaling, going for long walks and connecting with the natural world, allowing yourself to nap and/or go to bed early, a soothing bath...give some thought to what calms you and do your best to add it into this phase of the month.

Being aware of the natural cycles that are a part of us gives life another level of meaning.

The lunar cycle offers the opportunity to get to know ourselves better and better every month. It's a great idea to keep a diary of mood and energy levels as you track the lunar phases. I can't wait to hear what you discover!

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