You're Not Wrong (but you're not right either!)

It can be difficult watching someone behave in a way that is, in your opinion, wrong.

The impulse is to explain to them that they have other choices and to let them know what those choices are.

"I don't think you should be..."

"You can't possibly think that was the right thing to do, can you?"

"Didn't you consider...."

"If I were you......"

And when you (lovingly) talk about them with others: "I can't believe they...."

"If that was me, there's no way I would have..." "How do I explain to them that...." "What were they thinking?! Can't they see how....."

But, and this is hard to hear and accept, it's none of our business.

It may feel like it is, but it just isn't.

It feels like it is our business because we see our advice as helpful, like we are doing them a favour.

We see our advice as correcting a behaviour that we see as wrong.