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Have a Pleasant Life

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Would you agree that the word PLEASURE feels decadent, or even sexy?

There's a forbidden fruit kind of feel to we are indulging too much or being secretly naughty, right? What a shame! A fulfilling, enjoyable life needs pleasure! The way we have twisted that word into its sexual connotation is kind of annoying!

(How do you pleasure yourself? Admit it, your first thought was....)

I want us to take that word and bring back the innocent joy it holds.

When someone (genuinely) says "It's been a pleasure meeting you" or "You've been a pleasure to work with" - it is such an enormous compliment.

They thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. It was a pleasant experience.

It was pleasurable: charming, agreeable, delightful. It feels light hearted!

So, my genuine wish for you is that you have a pleasant life.

Try on the thought: "I desire a pleasant life".

Say it a few times over the next few days and see how it feels to you.

Doesn't that feel lovely?! Doesn't that put you in a calmer state?

To me, it takes so much pressure off.

When asked: "What do you want out of life?", many find it overwhelming and impossible to answer.

Saying "I want a pleasant life" is sacred simplicity at its best. It's like a sigh of relief.

It feels like gently and happily floating along in peace.

It is aiming beautifully in the middle of life. Not too much, not too little. And it is personal! It's all yours to define.

Begin the pondering, and put that amazing mind of yours to work!

Start seeking your pleasures: What is pleasant for you?

A walk every day with your self/dog/podcast/partner/best friend? Enjoying that first sip of coffee in the morning, or the smell of it brewing? A great book and a cozy blanket? Hearing your loved ones laughing? Browsing through your favourite clothing store? Getting out of your bra and putting on your pjs?!

Desiring a pleasant life is liberating and brings you back to the important, and oh so valuable, every day magic that you create in life.

A pleasant life sits comfortably in your body, mind and soul (at least it does in mine!)

I would love to hear how this goes for you! Please share, thank you!

If this feels good to you yet you have an inner voice saying "nope, you can't get there", please reach out to me and see if I can help. And hey, I understand how hard it is to know who to trust in this world wide web! The way of it is though, you need to contact me, there's no other way to explore any possibilities for you. All I can say is that I am here to help make life feel less like a problem to solve and more like an experience to live fully. I am a perpetual student of self development and have years of study and experience in life coaching available for you.

I changed my life for the better and it is my personal desire to share how with you. In fact I see it as my responsibility to do so! The more peaceful humans living a more harmonious life, the greater chance for a more peaceful and harmonious planet. Let's do this living as our best selves together!

Email me at: and let's see if we can establish a good rapport. It will be a friendly, pressure free chat, I promise. Hey! It will be pleasant (see what I did there?!) :)

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