How Do You Judge Your Worth?

So many of us struggle with our sense of self-worth. "I don't deserve this love", "I don't deserve this happiness", "I don't deserve this opportunity"...these are common thoughts - sometimes lying low, sometimes front and centre.

Our feelings of unworthiness manifest into our life, showing up as not feeling connected to people, places or moments.

We never truly feel a part of life itself.

Things seem to go on around us yet in the background there is this sense of "I don't belong here".

Good things happen and we see it as a lucky break and that it won't last because we don't deserve complete and lasting joy.

Bad things happen and we see it as an "of course", thinking that we somehow deserve the sadness or disappointment.

When we lack self-worth, we cannot connect to the idea that we are an important player in our life and the world around us.

We can't connect to the feeling that we are the one in control of the outcome, it feels like we are an outsider always trying to look in.

It feels more like life is happening at us, not with us.

So we look for ways to prove our worth.

Ways to somehow find that missing connection, but never feeling it fully.

Because we lack inner connection, we only know to look outside of us.