I AM SO ANGRY! I hate it

Updated: Aug 14

There are a number of emotions that are uncomfortable for us humans, and anger is definitely up there!

To lose your shit on someone or a situation, when you don't really mean to feels absolutely awful.

It's not who you are or who you want to be.

It's as scary for you as it is for the person on the receiving end!

You question why you are reacting with such force and you definitely don't like who you are in the anger.

You get angry at yourself for being angry, piling feeling horrible on top of feeling horrible.

Then, you worry that you're losing control of your ability to handle yourself.

Let's pile worry and fear on top of that heavy load you are carrying, shall we?!

Here is some help:

First, we need to shift the way we see and speak about emotions.

It's hard not to view "negative" emotions as "bad" because we catalogue feelings and emotions as right or wrong, positive or negative.

However, it isn't the emotion itself that we are describing.

It is the feeling that we have that we are describing, and feelings are energy within the body. Therefore, we are describing the energy within us.

We are viewing and labeling the energy in our body as positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad, light or heavy.