You don't need to be reminded of the importance of loving yourself.

I know you already grasp that concept and the value of self-love.

You may embrace it already, but more likely you struggle with the idea of loving your "imperfections".

Throwing the word "flawsome" around and loving, CRAVING the idea, and wishing you could own it.

The notion of being able to look at yourself standing naked in the mirror, smiling at what you see, and saying "YES!! I LOOK FANTASTIC!!! THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD CHANGE!"

Kinda hard to imagine, right?

I invite you to dive a little deeper into why it is so difficult for us to imagine and how to start the process of changing it around.

We are trained to work on our "display".

The "image" of who we think people should see.

An image dictated by the exterior world, not from your true self within.

The top antonyms for IMAGE are: