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You don't need to be reminded of the importance of loving yourself.

I know you already grasp that concept and the value of self-love.

You may embrace it already, but more likely you struggle with the idea of loving your "imperfections".

Throwing the word "flawsome" around and loving, CRAVING the idea, and wishing you could own it.

The notion of being able to look at yourself standing naked in the mirror, smiling at what you see, and saying "YES!! I LOOK FANTASTIC!!! THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD CHANGE!"

Kinda hard to imagine, right?

I invite you to dive a little deeper into why it is so difficult for us to imagine and how to start the process of changing it around.

We are trained to work on our "display".

The "image" of who we think people should see.

An image dictated by the exterior world, not from your true self within.

The top antonyms for IMAGE are:





Please ask yourself:

Would you rather show your image, or would you rather show your concrete entity, the original you, the one that makes a difference in this world?

In all of existence, and forever beyond...there has never been or never will be another YOU.

Your DNA, your experiences, your feelings about those experiences, the marks you have left on others and the marks they have left on you.....holy shitballs...all of you in this life, on this planet:

It will never happen again.

It never happened before you came along.

You are completely unique. IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!

I mean really think about that.

Have a good, long ponder.

Every word you utter.

Every action you take: the way you walk, sit, eat, laugh, cry, sigh.

Your likes and dislikes

What you think the colour blue is

Your favourite book, movie, comedian, chair, home, relative, animal, vacation spot, tree, flower and the why behind it all

Your love, hate or fear of spiders and rollercoasters

The teacher you remember the most

The song that brings you to tears

The song that you turn off because it drives you crazy

How you sleep and wake up

How you brush your teeth and pet your pet

How you put your shoes on and decide on what jacket to wear today

What you dream about

What you feel when you see the sun rise or fall

The joy you feel when you accomplish something

How much you procrastinate

What drives you to perform

What brings you to your knees.......ALL OF IT IS UNIQUELY YOU.'

We don't acknowledge how impressively one of a kind we are.

Give some thought to how it would feel if you released yourself of the burden of portraying the image and spent more time realizing how original you are.

Would it not create some relief and lessen the burden of always trying to "keep up" or be whatever it is that society has dictated we are supposed to be once you shift your focus to all that you have become?

Would it not start the process of appreciating yourself a bit more (a lot more?!) by showing you the magnitude of all that you are?

Would it not open the door to loving who you are because of all that makes you YOU?

It is easy (and absolutely not your fault at all) to fall into the deep, dark hole of worrying about how you look...your image.

And you know what that feels like, how it makes your world shittier.

And you know it is wrong.

You would tell every young girl not to do it.

Let's try something different:

1) When you start the negative self image stuff - end it with the words "for now".

You're worried whether people will judge you (how you look, feel, express, behave) FOR NOW.

This will lessen the power of the negative words because you will see that it isn't forever and you are capable of change.

2) Repeat the following:


3) Really let that sink in. Like, pause for a minute or two and FEEL those words.

Spend time with thinking about your originality.

Don't just say the words, send them into your body and let them sink in.

And believe me, no one is like you in any way, and isn't that something :)

Switch your focus from the image to the originality of you.

Dive in a deeper and when you are ready, show us that.


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