(Please read the last post to see the definition of Authentic Self and Ego Self: The Ego Self Puts Up Quite A Fight!)

Soooooooo.....this might be a bit of a disappointment (great start, I know) but the first step towards your Authentic Self is to simply acknowledge its existence.

I know. Sounds pretty obvious.

No big revelation, no big 'a-ha' moment when you read that, right? BUT!! This is a process and you need to take time with this whole thing - please read on!

What does acknowledging your Authentic Self entail, besides simply saying "I have an Authentic Self"?!

It entails a slight shift in perspective, and more attention to the description of yourself and/or your experiences. You will see what I mean with the following examples:

Example 1) a) When helping a neighbour you say to yourself: "That felt good, I am being a kind person".


b) When helping a neighbour you say to yourself: "That felt good, I am being my Authentic Self."

In sentence a), you are being kind through the action of helping. The act of helping makes you kind and once you label yourself as such you feel good.

In sentence b), your helping is just who you are. Simply being you feels good. The slight shift is that no label (kind, nice, thoughtful) is needed. Just You :)

You are kindness itself. It is subtle, but there is definitely a different energy there, right?