One of the many routes my dog takes me on, for his walk, involves travelling down a relatively busy street.

This morning, we passed by a woman standing by her (small) front lawn.

I said: "Good morning!" and she replied: "Just look at this mess!"

I looked at her lawn and saw some old garbage that the melted snow had revealed. Nothing super spectacular: a faded Timmy's coffee cup, a flyer from KFC, and a couple of pieces from a torn City of Ottawa sign letting the neighbourhood know when snow removal was happening on her street.

I smiled and said: "Ah yes, the joys of discovery once the snow is melted!"

She didn't like that.

I then said: "Let me help you pick it up, it'll just take a second or two", and started walking towards her with Herschel (my doggo) happily wagging his tail.

"WHY SHOULD I PICK THIS SHIT UP?!", was the response.

"This isn't my garbage!" and with that she turned around and went back into her house.

(Nope, I didn't stay and pick that shit up, in case you are wondering! I kept on walking Herschel as I pondered what just went down.

She needs to do this herself.

She needs to realize that she is capable of creating the world she wants.

If I picked it up for her, it would be: "Well at least there's once decent person out there.", clouded by her remaining in the mud of feeling wronged and super bitter about it.

My actions may appear to be helpful on the surface, but I would be doing her a disservice in the end.)