Updated: Oct 9, 2020

There is a part of you that creates a big, shitty stir within yourself.

Sometimes (most times!) it feels as if you are in a battle.....ending up completely exhausted and....let's face it....with a smidge of "poor me". (That feels yucky to point out, but it is true).

This 'battle' is, in simple terms (because you are amazingly complex, but for the sake of this read it is in simpler terms!), between your AUTHENTIC SELF and your EGO SELF.

Let's begin with some definitions and then we can dive into some tools to end the fight :)


The Ego Self is the story we tell ourselves, and others, of who we are subjective to the world that we live in.

It is our opinions, thoughts, labels, defense mechanisms, beliefs, upbringing, learned experiences.....all of our conditioning built up during the years of us being on this planet.

The Ego Self is what we use to define who we are in relation to those around us and our environment. Do I have as much as or less than that person? Am I smarter or dumber than that person? Am I of more value in this place or that place?

And the answers to the Ego Self's questions are always based on the egoic story we tell ourselves. (It's a bit of a catch 22 situation here).

The Ego Self is the tool we use to navigate the world around us as seen by the ego! It is where our cultural/social traditions, morals, experiences and expectations exist.

Some of its offerings are awesome, but only when you step into your Authentic Self and appreciate the offering for what it is, rather than using it as a source for defining who we are.

Sporting events are a great example of this:

A soccer game can be a blast to watch