Trust That You Would Still Stop At A Red Light.

If you don't know who you truly are, can you fully trust yourself?

It is hard for us to know the REAL us when most of our thoughts, time and energy is spent navigating our way through our 'outer' world.

This is the world made up of what Carl Jung coined as the "Collective Unconscious".

In a brief, "I-am-not-a-psychology-major" explanation: the Collective Unconscious is all the things we accept, believe and live in.

It is (in a nutshell): The totality of social beliefs, concepts, imagery, perceptions, constructs, symbols, norms and expectations that are kind of second nature to us.

We don't necessarily realize it...these things exist, for the most part, unconsciously.

Most of our focus as we live day to day is on how and where to fit in and belong.

It is an innate need for survival, mentally and physically (especially as a child of course).

In adulthood, we feel the need to be accepted because we feel we will not survive alone.

And that is totally fair, right?! I mean, yeah - no one wants to be an outcast, voted off the island.

When we imagine someone who questions or challenges the parameters of the Collective Unconscious we tend to picture a rebel or hippy - someone who ultimately chooses to live 'outside' the social norm.

We think: odd or weird or radical or irrational.

Sometimes we are even scared of this type of person, and definitely don't want to become them.