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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

"Fine. I'll try it but I'm telling you right now it's not going to last".

I am in the business of helping women become the next best version of themselves.

I'm here to help with feelings of unworthiness and not enoughness, finding the body shape and size they feel the most comfortable in, and developing their confidence, inner strength and self belief.

I show them that EVERYTHING is workoutable and they are fully capable of rising to the challenges and also fully capable of embracing the joy in life (the latter is usually more difficult, believe it or not).

In all of this work, at some point the ugly belief of: "I can't stick to anything" rises up.

A fitness plan, a meal plan, going to bed earlier, gratitude journaling, yoga in the morning, meal prepping on Sundays, evening walk around the block, eating more veggies, meditating....whatever the healthier habit/lifestyle routine they want to commit to - the next line is: "You know, I've tried this before and never stick to it. I suck at committing to this shit".

There is either a defeated sigh, an eye roll, or a self-deprecating (but hidden behind funny) comment attached.

So yes.

Maybe you started something with good intention, high energy and positive movement.

Then something happened and you stopped.

And when it comes to dieting or working out, you have probably repeated this a shitton of times!

The fact of the matter is that you will continue this pattern unless you change your belief of what is possible.

Let me say that again, but differently.

Before you commit to any life changing thing, big or small:

First you have to believe in the possibility of change.

You have to acknowledge your capacity to change.

You have to understand that you are never the same person. Ever.

We are forever and constantly need to allow yourself to be aware of and completely accept that FACT.

Once you acknowledge change and that you are no longer the same person you were when you tried before, then you open the door to possibility.

The person you were didn't stick to it.

The person you are now possibly can and will.

If we don't believe that we are evolving....we would never try anything again!

Extremely simplistic example right here: Kid riding a bike without training wheels for the first time and falling.

Scenario one: Doesn't believe in change. Won't bother trying again. Will never ride a bike.

Scenario two: Believes in change. Will try again. May have to do that a few times. Keeps believing that he/she is evolving and there is possibility for change. Rides the bike like a boss.


In fact, it starts with the acceptance that change is inevitable! IT IS LIFE.

Everything and everyone around you is changing every second of every day.

Everything inside you is changing every second of every day.

Life gets shittier when you don't allow this truth in.

There's a great line in Tom Sawyer by Rush (such an awesome band):

"No changes are permanent, but change is".


It will always be.

The changes themselves change, but not the truth and existence of change!

(pretty deep shit for a rock band, right?!)

So why do some of us not accept this inevitable fact of change? Because it can feel super fucking scary.

Change means unknown.

It is the opposite of certainty.

It feels like the opposite of control and many of us equate control with safety.

We all need to feel somewhat secure in our life.

Certain routines, people, places.


The word FAMILIARITY is from the Latin word familiaritatem, meaning INTIMACY, FRIENDSHIP, CLOSENESS.

We all crave/need that feeling.

I am saying you need to get FAMILIAR with CHANGE!

Let it in with other lovely familiar things.

(But those external familiar things are not necessarily permanent, don't forget that. You may feel more in control by them being there, but it isn't a guarantee that they always will be, right?

Change will always be there. Get familiar with that.)

Embrace the concept that once you let change in, you will find joy, excitement, energy, relief, expansion, possibility, self-belief, confidence, ability, peace of mind.

Yes, embracing change will bring peace of mind.

You will finally be free of the stress and worry of always trying to control everything.


You will be more easy going and relaxed.

You will be more forgiving and patient.

You will be more willing to let go.

You will be more open minded and open hearted.

To those around you, and most importantly to life and YOU.

And you will see that you can be the person who sticks to it and succeeds.

And if something unexpected (a change) happens, you will see that you can try again as a whole new person.

You are now a person who just lived through another change so of course you will be a changed person too.

Maybe this time you'll stick to it!

Let all the possibilities in.

Understand and be open to the idea that just because you didn't succeed a year ago, a month ago, or a day ago...that doesn't mean you won't in this moment.

Unless you tell yourself otherwise.

Already setting yourself up for failure as you falsely tell yourself that you're the same person you were back then.

Nope. No more of that nonsense!

So, step one - before attempting any change: ACCEPT CHANGE!

Let all of life's possibilities in so that you can live fully.

It's scary at first, I know. That's okay :)

You'll be okay <3

The sooner you let life be its unpredictable, ever changing, ever growing, full of joy and sorrow, full of ALL THE THINGS.....the sooner you will open the door to all things possible. That includes starting anything you want as a brand new YOU!

A wiser, stronger, more patient, more open YOU!

It's a process. You can do it, you newly evolved awesome you!

Go forth and start embracing change :)

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