Updated: Sep 26

"Fine. I'll try it but I'm telling you right now it's not going to last".

I am in the business of helping women become the next best version of themselves.

I'm here to help with feelings of unworthiness and not enoughness, finding the body shape and size they feel the most comfortable in, and developing their confidence, inner strength and self belief.

I show them that EVERYTHING is workoutable and they are fully capable of rising to the challenges and also fully capable of embracing the joy in life (the latter is usually more difficult, believe it or not).

In all of this work, at some point the ugly belief of: "I can't stick to anything" rises up.

A fitness plan, a meal plan, going to bed earlier, gratitude journaling, yoga in the morning, meal prepping on Sundays, evening walk around the block, eating more veggies, meditating....whatever the healthier habit/lifestyle routine they want to commit to - the next line is: "You know, I've tried this before and never stick to it. I suck at committing to this shit".

There is either a defeated sigh, an eye roll, or a self-deprecating (but hidden behind funny) comment attached.

So yes.

Maybe you started something with good intention, high energy and positive movement.

Then something happened and you stopped.

And when it comes to dieting or working out, you have probably repeated this a shitton of times!

The fact of the matter is that you will continue this pattern unless you change your belief of what is possible.

Let me say that again, but differently.

Before you commit to any life changing thing, big or small: